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Payments may be submitted as follows:
  • C.O.D.- This service, offered by UPS, requires you to submit a check for the total dollar amount of the package, plus shipping and handling,¬†directly to the driver. There is an extra fee by UPS for this service.

  • Check by Mail- This option is primarily used when the customer does not want to pay the additional C.O.D. fee. After your order is placed, we will call you back with a total, including shipping and handling. Upon receipt of your check, your order will be shipped.

  • Credit Account- Upon successful completion of our credit application, which includes one bank and two trade references, you may place orders until your credit limit is reached. Payment is due within 30 days of receipt of your invoice.

  • PayPal- When using this method of payment, you must call or submit your completed order, along with your e-mail address.¬†We will then send you a money request for the total dollar amount for your order including shipping and handling. Your product will be shipped when the payment is cleared through PayPal.
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